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50mm Aluminum Venetian Blinds

50mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds: For a Larger View

Like all our Venetian blinds the 50mm aluminium venetian blinds are also very popular. We have many examples where aluminium blinds were used most effectively on larger windows. 50mm Venetian blinds also give a greater view when the slats are open. As with the 25mm blinds the 50mm blinds that we get from our supplier is of the highest quality. The slats were increased from the industry standard of 18mm to 21 mm to further ensure the product quality. Slats are made from high tensile vinyl coated aluminium.

50mm Aluminium  Blinds: Highly Decorative

A brown matte finish 50mm Venetian blind on a living room window in Bloemfontein
A brown matte finish 50mm Venetian- blind on a living room window

50mm Aluminium blinds are both decorative and functional. It is a statement blind. Our 50mm  blinds are stunning, sleek and very modern. It is perfect to create an uncluttered look in your room. The different finishes and colours make it possible to fit and compliment the latest building and décor fashions. They provides a timeless look and will never go out of style. It will compliment all the moods of your home or office. 50mm aluminium Venetian blinds provide extreme functionality over light control and privacy

Wide Range of Colours and Finishes to Choose From

You can choose between different finishes and colours. Customers that want these Venetian blinds installed can check out our plain, aluwood, perforated and brushed finishes.

High Quality Imported Parts used in Our 50mm  Venetian Blinds

50mm aliminium Venetian blinds in two tone colours champagne and bronze
Beautiful 50mm Venetian blinds in dual colours namely bronze and champagne

Only high quality imported aluminium Venetian parts are used in our 50mm Venetian blinds. Paints that are used are also UV resistant and high quality. It doesn’t chip or fade. All  Venetian blinds provide the best control of heat and light that a window covering can provide because of the quality material that is used in its manufacturing.

Operating system of the used

Whilst the 25mm Venetian blind functions with a tilt wand, the 35mm and 50mm aluminium Venetian are provided with a high qs uality tilt cord.
50mm aluminium blinds are supplied standard with headrail. The headrail comes complete with endcaps, plated steel universal installation brackets and metal & hold-down brackets (on request) for the bottom rail. The 50mm aluminium blind have brackets for side returns on boxed valances (for face fit blinds).

Wood Lookalike 50mm Aluminium Aluwood Venetian Blinds

An Angled view of a 50 mm Aluwood Dark Mahogany Venetian Blind.
Light filtering through 50mm Aluwood Dark Mahogany Venetian Blind

Aluwood Venetian blinds are wood lookalike aluminium blinds. They provide a luxurious, warm look to your room without the extra maintenance and sealing. Now you can have the luxurious, warm look of wood windows and doors, without the hassle of maintenance and sealing. The new powder coated wood-look aluminium provides a long term investment in the windows and doors of your house. The 50mm Aluwood aluminium Venetian blinds can be fitted into large-sized windows with ease, as they are far lighter than wood and easy to handle. They provide stability and have become just as ultra-modern as real wooden blinds.

Custom Made 50mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds

At Active Blinds, all our Venetian blinds including the 50mm range are made to measure and we can custom make your 50mm aluminium Venetian blind to fit your exact requirements.

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