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25mm Venetian Royal Blue Commercial Blinds installed at Escom Offices Bloemfontein
Beautiful 25mm Venetian royal blue blinds installed at the premises of Escom in the city centre in Bloemfontein.

Commercial Blinds Bloemfontein

Aluminium Venetian Office Blinds
Installed inside the aluminium frames. It perfectly controls the view and direct sunlight
Superior Craftsmanship
A perfect cut out done on a 25 mm Venetian Plain White blind to allow clearance for the wall skirtingr
Vertical Office Blinds
A Vertical Blind on a office window ensuring protection against the sun and privacy for the personnel
Aluwood Commercial Blinds
50mm Dark Mahogany Aluwood Blinds not only matches the furniture it is also effective in blocking the sun. This product is made from Aluminium although it has a wood grain finish. Unlike wood it will not warp if subjected to too much sunlight.
Silver Venetian Office Blind with Matching Valance
This is a perfect installation of a 25 mm Venetian Silver blind with matching aluminium valance on an office window at Interstate Bus lines in Bloemfontein
25 mm Perforated Venetian Blinds
25 mm Perforated Venetian blinds on these office windows allow view to the outside and light to filter in during the daytime. It prevents anyone from looking in from the outside

Commercial Blinds Bloemfontein: Choosing the correct blind

25 mm Champagne Colour Venetian blind installed on a home office window.
The Champagne Colour Venetian blind in this home office matches everything in the work area. In the closed position, it insures privacy as well as sunlight protection for the office worker.

Designing the interior of your commercial setting or corporate office space in Bloemfontein can be a tedious task. One of the key elements that can have a huge impact on the overall vibe and feeling of space is the choice of window covering that you want to use. Three factors need to be weighed up against each other when choosing the correct commercial blinds in Bloemfontein for your purpose. They are:

• The right design that delivers on the function intended
• The price of the blind
• The maintenance-free durability of the blind

When it comes to the choice of office blinds, none of these factors should be considered less important than the other. Unfortunately, the tendency in the current volatile economic environment is often to go for the cheapest option. Cheap blind options within your work-space can often defeat the purpose of installing the blinds in the first place. Besides the fact that it often looks bad and does not complement the overall décor, you might be left with more problems that you could have ever thought of.

The functionality of office blinds is extremely important. Especially when considering your office space. It is important that workers feel comfortable and that the office is well lit during daytime.

25 mm Venetian Plain White Office blind open and allowing view to the outside.
The beautiful Venetian Plain White blind matches the wall colour and clock. It is open and allows for a view to the outside, but blocks the view to the inside.

The truth is:

You want your workers to feel comfortable and happy. There is nothing worse than having the irritating glare of sunlight on your computer, or not having enough sunlight in the room making reading hard or impossible. There is nothing more embarrassing for your workers and your business if the poor cheap blinds or window coverings do not prevent people from the outside looking in when they want to work late at night.

Cheap low quality blinds or window coverings can also involve more maintenance to clean them. Excessive cleaning means that the blinds won’t last as long and in the end it will cost you more to replace your commercial blinds. Maintenance- free commercial blinds will save you money in the long term. The concept is quite simple. Your window coverings will last longer!

Examples of Venetian Blinds on a Shopfront: Open and Closed


An open 25 mm White Venetian blind on business windows
The 25 mm White Venetian blind on the windows of Kolor Hair & Beauty is drawn open in this photo. People can view inside the shop and those inside have an outside view.


A 25 mm White Venetian blind on the front window of a business in Bloemfontein.
The 25 mm White Venetian blind at Kolor hair & beauty is closed. People can still see outside, but the view from outside in is completely blocked by the closed blinds

Active Blinds Bloemfontein: Your Only Choice for Office Blinds.

Active Blinds are a Bloemfontein based Blinds Company and therefore we understand the dynamics of the weather in our area. With soaring temperatures during summer and extreme cold conditions during winter, energy efficiency and heat control are factors, which need to be taken into account when choosing your office blinds in Bloemfontein. Yes, blinds are not just decorations they can actually save energy. Choosing the right blind for your window can reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. If you like to learn more about choosing the energy efficient window treatment you can read this article here.

At Active Blinds we have years of experience at dealing with commercial and corporate environments. Fredd Swart is an expert at providing the correct solution for your specific office environment and purpose. He can assist you with planning your concept, measuring and quotation, picking the right design and the installation of your blinds. Feel free to check out the window blinds on our website that are available for commercial environments. They come in a wide range of fabrics and colours and we can custom make them to fit your purpose. Especially check out our portfolio section to see examples of the work we have done in offices before..

This experience provides us with an edge over our competition. We can assist architects, interior designers, project managers, interior environment consultants, and builders to make the right decision on your behalf when it comes to your choice of window coverings. This will help them find the correct window treatment that suites the demands and requirements of your work or office space.

What can you expect from us?

• Expert advice that comes from years of on-site practical experience in the Blinds Industry
• Free on-site quotation
• Fast turnaround. All components available in South Africa, so no long waiting period
• High quality, robust, durable and long lasting SA custom made blinds with long term guarantees
• Competitive pricing with easy payment options
• We install at your convenience
• Long term support after installation
• Hassle-free and save installation
• Easy payment options

Making design and installation easy is our nr. 1 priority. We offer services that could benefit the following types of businesses and organizations.

• Schools
• Hospitals
• Offices
• Bars & restaurants
• Churches
• Old age or nursing homes
• Theaters and auditoriums
• Residential developments
• Guesthouses and country lodges
• Hotels

Our blinds can be selected to create the right light ambience and aesthetics for professional environments.To ensure the right atmosphere and aesthetics for your professional environments feel free to choose one of our many options.

Shopfront Windows with Hammered Venetian Blinds


An office at Tosas Bloemfontein shows old Vertical Blinds before new blinds installation.
The image shows the old Vertical blinds still on the window before our installation of Venetian Blinds. The sun catches the window directly and fills the room with light.


Venetian office window blinds blocks direct sunlight and insures privacy.
Here is the office after installation of Venetian Office blinds. The blinds blocks out the direct sunlight and insures privacy for this office worker.

Commercial Blind Types

Roller Blinds

The Roller blinds are covering the doors and windows of two adjacent classrooms.
Notice how these roller blinds installed at Varsity Kids Bloemfontein not only ensures privacy for the students, but also completely blocks out the sun.

Energy issues as discussed earlier and the use of bigger windows in offices have seen the use of Roller Blinds rise in popularity. We provide commercial roller blinds that can reduce the glare and heat in the work-space, therefore making it a healthier place. With our sunscreen fabric roller blinds you can have the best of both worlds. These blinds will filter the sun, reduce the heat and glare while still providing a perfect view. This will also ensure that your office furniture stay protected from the harsh effects of direct sunlight. Blackout blinds are perfect for conference, meeting rooms and classrooms, as well as AV suites, laboratories and cinema rooms. Check out how we used roller blinds effectively in a classroom environment here and in a home office and guesthouse environment here. The blackout blinds ensure that the blind blocks out the sun completely and reduce heat. Block-out material give you privacy and protect furniture and flooring from the effects of the sun like fading and bleaching. Other options include transparent and translucent fabric. Transparent fabric is ideal if you don’t need any view, but want light and privacy. Translucent fabric will provide you light and limited view.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical commercial blinds are both versatile and economical, making it an ideal choice for those on a shoestring budget. It is an excellent choice for large windows and sliding doors. Therefore, if you maybe have a home office with a sliding door, then this is the ideal option for you. The blind can be made to draw neatly back to either side or even split evenly to either side. This allows for unlimited views and sunlight filtering through. You can also tilt the blinds though to allow just the right amount of light into the room and maintain an element of privacy. To ensure that health issues are addressed, an employer must ensure that glare on computer screens is minimized. Vertical blinds are ideal for this. The range of vibrant colours will ensure that your office come alive and provide a very professional look and feel.

A closed 90 mm Black Vertical Commercial blind on clinic window.

The 90 mm Vertical Commercial blind was installed at Qua Qua Clinic. It shows the aluminium headrail and cord that operates the blind. It totally blocks the sunlight and view when it is drawn closed.

Black Vertical Commercial blind installed in the work area at Lannies Cut & Edge Bloemfontein.

A Black Vertical Commercial blind is installed on a window in the workshop of Lannies Cut & Edge in Bloemfontein. Workers can perform their work without sunlight disturbing them when the blind is closed.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

This type of blind is in popular demand. Many offices in Bloemfontein chose this solution for their window covering needs. With the wide range that are available like perforated, brushed, hammer and aluwood, it is possible to provide a clean, modern and tidy look to almost any office window. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it is also highly adaptable. It is possible for us to custom make your Venetian blinds to perfectly fit your window. Venetian Blinds are also highly reliable. We use only high quality Aluminium blinds that are well designed, robust and durable. The commercial blinds that we will install in your  work-space will provide you with precise control of light intensity and direction. All Venetian blinds only use Aluminium Head & Bottom rails for improved quality.

5 mm Plain White Venetian Office blinds installed on bay windows.

A great example of a perfect bay window blinds installation. The Plain White Office blinds compliment the colours and the blinds ensure the workers privacy, whilst also controlling the sunlight.

Close-up view of a 25 mm Perforated Silver Colour Venetian Commercial blind.

The 25 mm Perforated Silver Venetian Blind is shown in a close-up shot. Notice the holes where the light can filter through. This is an excellent blind for daytime use in an office environment.

Shopfront Windows with Hammered Venetian Blinds

Venetian Commercial Blinds open
Venetian Commercial Blinds Closed
An open 25 mm White Venetian blind on business windows

A very difficult installation of Venetian blinds on the front windows at Tosas Bloemfontein. The blinds were installed between the security gate and the windows. The image shows the blinds in the open position.

A 25 mm White Venetian blind on the front window of a business in Bloemfontein.

The 25 mm hammered Venetian blinds on the front windows are in the closed position making it impossible to see inside as clearly illustrated in this image.

Wooden Blinds

Venetian Blinds have horizontal slats, one above another. The modern wooden blinds are actually Venetian blinds and they are the original blinds that date back to the 18th century. It is known that the St. Peter’s Church, Philadelphia had wooden Venetian blinds. The great advantage of wood is that it offers a warm, organic feel to any room. Professionals might prefer the

50 mm Dark Mahogany Aluwood blinds on the windows of a boardroom in Batho Bloemfontein.
The 50 mm Dark Mahogany Aluwood blinds in the boardroom of Interstate Buslines, blends in well with the dark wooden boardroom table and the lighter wall and tile colours.

sense of refinement and sophistication that wooden commercial blinds bring. The only problem with wooden products is that it can warp, fade, or crack given too much sunlight or moisture. At Active Blinds we only use Basswood Products. Basswood is a light wood with a more even grain, which is preferred when a more even colouring is required. Wooden Blinds are also more expensive than Aluminium or Plaswood / Eco-wood Blinds.

Aluwood Commercial Blinds

If you enjoy the wooden look and feel, you can always try our Aluminium Alu-wood range which is a great substitute for wooden blinds, but more cost effective. Alu-wood blinds are very similar to the traditional Venetian blinds but with a wood grain finish. It is ideal for use on windows where the sun shines all day.

Plaswood / Eco-wood Blinds

50mm Ecowood-Blinds on Windows at Spur Office Bloemfontein
The boardroom at Spur offices in Bloemfontein covered with 50mm Ecowood Blinds. Ecowood or Plaswood Blinds have a wooden feel to it, but its synthetic nature protects it against direct sunlight.

Plaswood / Eco-wood is a type of blind that combines both plastic and wood. This type of blind provides the perfect substitute for wooden blinds by which business owners can cover their office windows. The luxurious and warm look that the owners of office might be looking for might be unpractical because of the expensive price and the way wood react to excessive sunlight. Plaswood / Eco-wood is starting to look more and more like natural wooden products and they are much cheaper. The greater variety of colours is also a great advantage for opting to use this product for your commercial office needs. Plaswood / Eco-wood is perfect to resist the extreme temperatures that we have in the Bloemfontein area during summer months. This product was especially created for South African conditions.

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