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Best Blinds Installer in Bloemfontein

Best Blinds Installer in Bloemfontein

Top Blinds Installation Company in Bloemfontein as ranked by recently announced that Active Blinds ranked among their Top 25 Most Popular Home Improvement Services for 2016.  This effectively makes Active Blinds the top Blinds Installation Specialist in Bloemfontein. Who is ? is a leading site in the Home Improvement niche in

The Manufacturing Process of Wood and Aluminium Blinds

I found a very interesting video that shows exactly what is involved in the manufacturing process of wooden and aluminium blinds. Horizontal Blinds are very popular blinds because of the advantage that you can leave the blind drawn and simply tilt the slats to let in just the amount of light that you want. Why

Cleaning your Venetian Blinds.

So there are always questions like “How do I clean my venetian blinds”. There are a lot of guys out there with a lot of techniques and ideas. Frankly I have to say that leaving your venetian blinds till it get so dirty and grimy that you either have to get somebody out to clean them, or find other expensive or cheap ways to do it is probably not the way to go…..