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Best Blinds Installer in Bloemfontein

Best Blinds Installer in Bloemfontein

Top Blinds Installation Company in Bloemfontein as ranked by HomeImprovement4U.co.za

Top 25 award 2016 Homeimprovement4UHomeimprovement4u.co.za recently announced that Active Blinds ranked among their Top 25 Most Popular Home Improvement Services for 2016.  This effectively makes Active Blinds the top Blinds Installation Specialist in Bloemfontein.

Who is Homeimprovement4U.co.za ?

Homeimprovement4u.co.za is a leading site in the Home Improvement niche in South Africa.More than 30000+ Specialist in the Home Improvement niche are listed on the site and according to statistics provided by them they get an impressive 300000+ visitors per year.

Active Blinds ranks high for Home Improvement specialist in Bloemfontein

Active Blinds were ranked as:

  • The #2 most popular Home Improvement specialist in Bloemfontein
  • The #4 most popular Home Improvement specialist in Mangaung

These rankings have been allocated by location to the businesses with the highest number of visits, positive reviews and overall engagement across the Homeimprovement4U website.

Why Active Blinds is the top Blinds company in Bloemfontein?

What is significant is that no Blinds company or Blinds installer, ranks above Active Blinds. This effectively makes us the top Blinds specialist in Bloemfontein. It fact, in both cases, the company “Built it” which is a retailer for building material and hardware was the only business that was ranked higher than us.

Active Blinds would like to thank the customers for their support throughout 2016 and we pledge to keep up the high standards that we adhere to.

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Address: 1 De Wildt Complex, 5 Jasmyn Avenue, Gardenia Park, Bloemfontein, 9301
Tel: 079 049 3884

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