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Von Bonde Street Project

Installation of a 127mm vertical glacier grey blind in a multi-purpose room in Von Bonde street in Bloemfontein during September 2015. Read more.

Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate Project

Features work done at a house in Woodland Hills Wildlife Estate. Some of the work was done at the house and some at an office. Beautiful example of how effective these blockout roller blinds can be utilized. Read more.

Varsity Kids Project

An Installation at Varsity Kids in Bloemfontein involving the installation of roller blinds in several classrooms to block-out the sun to enable the kids to study better. It also involved the installation of 25mm venetian blinds in the office area, library, canteen, bathrooms and kitchen. Read more.

House with the Sliding Door Window

Installation of 25mm Venetian blinds on sliding doors during 2010. Good example of how to perfectly split the venetian blinds on the sliding door blinds installation. This installation also included the installation of a 25mm Venetian blind onto a sliding door that was installed as a window on the top floor of the house. Read more.

Heinrich Brussow Townhouse

Job that I did for Heinrich Brussow in 2009 at his townhouse before I even started my business officially. Still very proud of this project. Read more.

Retmill Beleggings

I did this installation during October 2015. The offices belong to Retmill Beleggings and installation was done before anyone occupied the office space. 25 mm Champagne colour Aluminium Venetian blinds were installed in all the offices. The blinds match the wall colours and enhances the modern look and feel of the offices. Read more.

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