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Printed Blinds: For Old and Young.

Printed blinds installed by Active Blinds Bloemfontein
A awesome example of what can be done in a kid’s room with printed blinds.

I am rather confident that the kids will love this. Just, imagine their favourite superhero on the window all night long protecting them. Well, this one is not just for the kids. Even adults can have their favourite on their blinds. Thanks to the wonderful world of digital printing, an electronic image can be printed into your vertical blind.

Personalize your room with Printed Blinds

This type of window covering provides you the chance to really personalize your room. There are so many possibilities. How about waking up every morning and looking at the beach or the beautiful trees and country side. Printed blinds can even be used to compliment or match your furniture or ornaments. The possibilities are endless and up to your own imagination. Check out google images to let your creative instinct flow and contact Fredd now on o790493884 for a free quote.

Only high quality photos should be used

The awesome part is that these blinds can be used on 90mm and 127mm vertical blinds. The only requirement is that the image must be of high quality.

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