Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds: The best of both worlds

A bamboo blind on a window that is partly rolled up

This bamboo blind is installed on a window and is partly rolled down to control sunlight

With bamboo blinds, you get the best of both worlds. These types of blinds personify taste and style, but they are at the same time very useful and add a fashionably rustic feel to your office or home. Bamboo window blinds is a quality choice for people that want to put a finishing touch to either their home or office.

Why Bamboo is Popular

Bamboo blinds are made from a renewable resource. Bamboo is actually grass not a tree with over a thousand different species that grows very fast and that means that it is easily renewable. Once it has hardened and cured which takes about three to four years, it produces very attractive blinds that can be reproduced at will. Besides being attractive, it also blends in well with home décor. It works perfectly in the informal areas of the house.

Quality Material Used in Our Bamboo Blinds

Our suppliers go out of their way to import only the best reeds from Asia to construct the bamboo blinds that we use for our installations. By combining a classic design with style, our bamboo blinds compliment both modern and classic décor. A warm homely look is created by effectively combining the beauty and the functionality of wood. The bamboo that are used in our blinds are made from natural materials as described previously and therefore they are tough, lightweight and flexible, but they also have a natural charm and have a smart and polished look. There is a wide variety of styles and shades to choose from.

Bamboo Roll up Blinds

Bamboo blinds bloemfontein. Roll up blind rolled down

Bamboo roll up blind that is totally rolled down and blocks out the sun

Bamboo roll up blinds are cost effective and beautiful window treatments that can emphasize any décor. These roll up versions can roll up from the top or the bottom which means that the light entering a room can be controlled with military precision. The roll-up version of blinds works on a rope and pulley type system that incorporates in its updated form a lack of a hanging loose rope that can endanger children or pets. The blinds roll up easily because of the thin slats which are matchstick to straw-like. The blinds have different weave patterns for varying amounts of light and privacy.

Woven Bamboo Blinds

Active Blinds can also install woven bamboo blinds. The final woven product is always very decorative and provides a stylish touch and natural feel to any room. Woven bamboo blinds are created by binding small pieces of bamboo together or wider flat pieces are also used to mimic blinds. Natural wood and bamboo is used in woven bamboo blinds and provides a combination of durability and attractiveness. It also protects interiors against heat and sunlight. An elegant touch and natural feel is added to any room by our woven blinds pattern which are designed with the richness of yarn, or lightly laced, to allow the natural beauty of fine wood and bamboo to be fully treasured.

Many choose bamboo as their first choice blind because of its warmth, durability and beauty. Bamboo blinds are undeniably a quality product that needs a high degree of craftsmanship. This quality and craftsmanship makes it a sought after and superior window covering.

Bamboo Venetian Blinds

Bamboo venetian blinds are discreet, smart and give effective light control. Bamboo venetian blinds can provide you with the opportunity to strike a balance between privacy and letting sunlight enter the room. At Active Blinds, we offer you four natural wood tones that include teak, rosewood and chestnut. The 50mm slats will suit any window size and efficiently controls the amount of light. It does not matter what your taste is – we have a solution. If you would like some darker shades to match, some dramatic décor, we got you covered and if you prefer some lighter colours that match your contemporary wooden floors and furniture, we are there for you. The options that we can provide puts you in complete control over your made to measure bamboo venetian blinds.