50mm Plaswood Venetian Blinds

Plaswood Venetian Blinds: A Wooden Look at a Cheaper Price

At Active Blinds we install 50mm plaswood venetian blinds. Plaswood is also called Faux Wood especially in the USA. It looks like a real wood with added durability and at a cheaper price.

What is Plaswood?

A 50mm plaswood venetian blind

A beautiful example of a white coloured 50mm plaswood venetian blind.

Plaswood is a hybrid composite material that combines both plastic and wood. The name comes from a combination of Plastic & Wood (Plaswood). It is a true technological breakthrough as they look and feel like wood, but has none of the weaknesses of wood. People love the warmth, versatility and luxurious look of wooden blinds. It perfectly complements their offices or homes. Unfortunately, wood do not react well to heat and direct sunlight and furthermore, wooden blinds are expensive.

Plaswood Blinds are  Afforable

As time has gone this type of product has matured and the plaswood blinds are looking more and more natural and getting cheaper and cheaper.

Plaswood Blinds: Quality Product

The quality is also improving enormously as faux wood blinds are more warp resistant than ever before, have UV ratings as high as 500 and come in many colours that would be hard to find in natural wood blinds. The plaswood that is used by us were specifically tested and manufactured for South African conditions. Our supplier has made plaswood blinds that are ideal for high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Plaswood Blinds Manufactured for South African Conditions

50mm plaswood blind installed in a kitchen

This 50mm plaswood blind fits in seamlessly into this kitchen.

In South Africa, we have some extreme conditions. There are areas where the sun can create havoc on anything wooden. Because of their resistance to warping, faux wood window blinds (Plaswood) are a great choice for areas where extreme temperature swings. They are also the ideal choice for places with high moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms and coastal areas, since they do not warp as easily as natural wood. They are unaffected by humidity and is fully washable. The synthetic nature of plaswood blinds make them easy to clean and durable. They don’t split, crack or warp.

Can Be Used Effectively in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Wooden blinds are not suitable for use in moist areas of the house like kitchens and bathrooms. Faux wood/Plaswood would be the perfect answer for use in these areas.

Easy To Clean

It is very easy to access the slats to dust or wipe it. You don’t have to be scared to use a wet cloth as the nature of material prevents it from getting damaged in this way

Advantages of Plaswood Blinds

  • Here are some of the main advantages of plaswood blinds
  • They are fire resistant because of their makeup
  • Anti-static build-up
  • Wood grain texture
  • Resistant to direct sunlight and moisture

50mm Plaswood Venetian Blinds: A Wide Range of Colours

Plaswood blinds are available in a wide range of colours. At Active Blinds, we can provide you with 50mm plaswood venetian blinds that would be perfect for your window size and make a handsome addition to any office or home.