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Synthetic Venetian Blinds: The Perfect Substitute for Wooden Blinds

The age old question. How to decide what type of blind to use in what situation? In all fareness Wooden Blinds are so beautiful, but are they practical to put up everywhere?. Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding no.

Wooden blinds are made from wood and despite measures to protect the wood against the elements they are prone to warping under extreme temperatures, light  and moist conditions. They are therefore not suitable on windows that catch a lot of direct sunlight or in moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

In recent year a new type of blind have entered the market place. Synthetic blinds are blinds that are especially made as an alternative to real wood blinds. They are made from patented synthetic materials and are often used in moist areas in the home or office like kitchens, bathrooms and Jacuzzi areas.

Types of Synthetic Venetian Blinds

Eco-Wood/Plaswood Blinds

In the United States Eco-Wood or Plaswood Blinds are known as Fauxwood blinds. The name Plaswood stands for Plastic & Wood. Fauxwood ( Eco-Wood/Plaswood) is hybrid composite material which combines both plastic and wood. In the beginning the product was only known as Plaswood. Recently the name Eco-Wood entered the market, but it is essentially the same product marketed by different distributors. Plaswood/Eco-Wood has matured over the years and one can now find a multitude of different ranges that offer a natural wooden look.  People generally love the warm, textured and beautifully luxurious look of wooden blinds. With Eco-Wood they get all of that and even more. Plaswood Venetian Blinds offer a multitude of advantages which are not just limited to beiing cheaper than wooden blinds. Check out the advantages of synthetic blinds to find out more.

Antique Wood Venetian Blinds

Antique Wood Venetian Blinds are the latest innovation in Venetian blinds. They are made from advanced polystyrene polymers and the result is real wood look and design. The  foiled metallic coverings produces a magnificent luxurious feel. These blinds are very affordable. Although a bit more expensive than Eco-Wood blinds they are much cheaper than their Wooden counterparts. They also provide colours and textures that cannot be produced by Wooden blinds. Antique Wood are perfect for any room in the office or home. Antique Wood is resistant to cracking, peeling, discolouration and warping. These blinds are scratch resistant, UV treated and tested and provide a unique 50mm wood look-a-like slat.

Advantages of Synthetic Venetian Blinds

Cheaper option than Wooden Blinds

We all know how expensive Wooden Blinds are. Synthetic Blinds on the other hand provide a much more affordable option. Our Eco-Wood blinds are some of the most affordable, but also most versatile and quality products on the market. They have the textures and stains of wooden blinds, but are far less expensive. Besides that they don’t have the obvious weaknesses of wood and are therefore much more durable. The quality makes it perfect for use in any room. So why pay more for wood if you are on a budget.

Wider range of Colours and Textures

The amount of colours and textures that we can find in our synthetic Venetian blinds are staggering. Our Eco-Wood and Antique Wood range come in colours that would be hard to find in Wooden Blinds.

Suitable for Rooms with Moist Conditions

Wooden Blinds cannot be used in rooms where moist conditions exist like bathrooms and kitchens for instance. Both our Eco-Wood and Antique Wood Venetian Blinds are the perfect solutions for these rooms. The are both fully water-resistant. Why give up on that luxurious look for these two rooms just because you can’t use real wooden blinds here. In fact you get the opportunity to get that wooden look into your kitchen and bathroom at a cheaper price ad you have a wider selection of colours and textures to match the precise look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. 

Extremely UV and Heat Resistant

All our synthetic blinds are UV and heat resistant. Unlike wooden blinds that will start warping, peeling and cracking from extreme heat or direct sunlight our Eco-Wood and Antique Wood range are made to handle the harsh South African sun. They are not affected by intense heat and direct sunlight and this resistance makes them very durable. They offer very high UV ratings as well.

Easy cleanable

Synthetic Venetian blinds like aluminium Venetian blinds are very easy to clean. Using a wet cloth won’t damage the blinds in the long run. The slats of our Plaswood and Antique Wood Blinds is easily accessible to dust and wipe.

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