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Office Blinds
25 mm Hammered Blinds installed on windows at Tosas in Bloemfontein
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25 mm Venetian Kitchen Blind
This 25mm Venetian Kitchen Blind perfectly compliments the green tiling in the kitchen
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Roller Blinds
Protect your furniture with our range of blockout roller blinds
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Maginificent Bedroom Blinds
Antique-Wood compliments the curtains and bedding
Sliding Door Blinds
Champagne colour Venetian blinds used to great effect on a sliding door in a lounge area
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Vertical Blinds
Check out our range of 90mm and 127 mm Vertical Blinds
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds
Our popular high quality versatile Aluminium Venetian blinds. Suitable for use on a wide variety of windows and doors.
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Bathroom Blinds
Synthetic Blinds now make it possible to get that wooden effect in your bathroom too
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Board Room Office Blinds
A wide range of blinds available to compliment the look and feel of any office board room.

Blinds in Bloemfontein

Active Blinds: Necessary Experience

Hands on Blinds Installation by Active Blinds
This image shows Fredd Swart at work and his hands on approach to giving you the perfect blinds installation.

Active Blinds Bloemfontein is a company started in 2010 by Fredd Swart that focus on the installation of blinds in Bloemfontein and surrounding areas for home owners as well as businesses. Fredd has been in the business for about 8 years and before that he worked for a window installation company. With experience from both industries Fredd knows exactly how each type of blind should be installed on any type of window. He is ready for any type of situation and is ready to improvise. So that means that Active Blinds prides itself on the excellence of its end product and has a proven track record of happy customers that are more than prepared to share their good experiences.

Active Blinds: Customer Satisfaction

It is therefore safe to say that Fredd has the necessary experience and know how to give his customers precisely what they need and that is perfectly installed blinds and excellent after sales service. Suffice it to say that Active Blinds with Fredd at the helm is one of the leading blinds installers in Bloemfontein and surrounding areas. Active Blinds has done work for many renowned people in Bloemfontein and the friendly service and professional handling of the jobs has led to many personal referrals for the company.

Home Improvement Specialists

One of the outstanding features of Active Blinds is that Fredd is a real ace at Home Improvement. He strives to let his work fit in perfectly with your rooms overall feel. Just check out some of the pictures on his portfolio page to get an idea what Active Blinds can do for your home.

All Quotations Free

A quotation from Active Blinds will cost you no money and it is totally worth seeing what the company can do in improving your home. Call Fredd at today for your free quotation or click on the free quote button.


roller blinds alabaster on two classrooms to block out the sun
These two classrooms at varsity kids in Bloemfontein has roller blinds on windows and doors to control light better so the kids can study better

Roller Blinds are a surefire winner when you need to install blinds that will totally block out the sun. Roller blinds provide us with a flexible option when installing blinds for any home. It is suitable for installation in kitchens, bathrooms, living-areas and bedrooms. The simplicity in operating roller blinds and the fact that they are so durable often make it a popular choice of blind by both home and business owners. Different types of fabrics are used in roller blinds to create certain effects and this can determine where the blinds can be more suitably used. If you need to block out the sun totally from a room then the use of blockout material in roller blinds is ideal. We use roller blinds very effectively in bedrooms, home cinema areas or TV areas as it blocks the sun completely and reduces heat. It is also very effective in protecting your furniture and flooring from fading or bleaching due to the harshness of the sun. The use of sunscreen fabrics in roller blinds helps to filter the light gently into the room whilst reflecting heat and glare. This can be very effectively used in living areas where the roller blinds can then reduce light, offer heat reduction and glare control, but still maintain the view. Translucent material can be used in roller blinds where privacy and light is desired, but no view. These types of roller blinds will provide limited view, but allow enough sunlight into the room. Roller blinds are designed to be fitted to any window. The wide range of colours and fabrics make it possible for installers of blinds like Active Blinds to match the roller blinds with any existing colour scheme or just create a colourful window treatment on your window that will stand out and make your window the focal point of your room. It is easy for us to therefore find the correct roller blind to match the style of your room and actually improve the look and feel of your room. It is possible to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house with new stylish and trendy roller blinds. Simple is sometimes better and the simplicity of roller blinds has its benefits. Roller blinds fit closely to the window and blends easily into the décor of any room. Our custom-made roller blinds can be designed to your liking. The large number of colours and fabrics make it possible to now install roller blinds in any room of your choice whether it is at home or at your office. The customer can now decide on the extent of their privacy by choosing the correct roller blind, colour and fabric for their specific need. We at Active Blinds can also install roller blinds as a great outdoor solution on patios, veranda and outdoor decks. Call us today for affordable prices.

Two 127mm vertical blinds on connecting sliding doors
Two 127mm vertical blinds on connecting sliding doors are closed to block out the sun.

Our vertical blinds at Active Blinds are extremely versatile. Although it is the main choice of blinds for largewindows and big sliding doors, it can be used just as effectively on any other type of window. It can be the perfect blind to use on bay as well as sloping windows and work just as well on French and Patio doors. Vertical Blinds that we install are made from very durable fabrics that come in many styles, colours and patterns. It is possible to totally transform the look and feel of a room by using the correct colours. It can either create a subtle backdrop to the room or become the focal point of any room. We install custom-made vertical blinds for both home and office. Home but especially office or business owners will be glad to hear that our vertical blinds require very little maintenance. Slats are removable and can be wiped clean or even taken down and washed. Active Blinds are providing a cheaper, practical and easy to clean option that is tailor made for corporate institutions. Our stylish vertical blinds provide a perfect balance between light and privacy. When large windows or sliding doors are covered the vertical blinds can either be slid to the left or right or even be parted both ways. This leaves the door or window open with sunlight being able to fill the whole room. Vertical blinds can also be closed completely and if blockout material is used in the fabric this can totally block out the sun. This is a very effective way to ensure that the sun do not reflect from screens in rooms where you watch television or where computers are used. Slats can be tilted to control the amount of sunlight that enters the room. Vertical blinds are perfect, because they control the sun and light while maintaining a perfect view. The tilted blinds allow the sunlight to enter, open-up the view and at the same time offer a degree of privacy. A great trend that has developed over the past few years is to use the wide choice of colours, styles and patterns and combine your vertical blinds with your curtains. It is possible to create some stunning window coverings doing that and we have quite a few examples of just that on this website.

Active Blinds install 127mm and 90mm vertical blinds on regular basis for both homeowners and business owners. There are so many advantages to installing 90mm or 127mm vertical blinds. These include the protection of your health against harmful UV rays, cost savings through the protection of furniture in the summer and reduction of heating cost in the winter, easy to clean and the affordability of roller blinds. For more advantages, read our roller blinds page. By allowing us to install our 90mm or 127mm vertical blinds in your home, you will get the opportunity to add class and glamour to your current home decor. We can match the colour of your vertical blinds with your existing room colour or make it complement any décor or furniture that you have. Printed blinds have also become quite popular. At Active blinds we can print your high resolution image onto any vertical blind of your choice.Vertical Blinds are less expensive than other types of blinds. Our 90mm and 127mm vertical blinds are made from quality fabrics and products which means that you will never have to worry about slats that forever break and head-rails that don’t operate.

25mm metalic silver Venetian blind on kitchen window
A metallic silver 25mm Venetian blind on a kitchen window with beautiful matching curtains

At Active Blinds our Venetian Blinds are a very popular type of blind that we install regularly. These types of blinds provide excellent control over sunlight due to the tilting mechanism. We provide many types of venetian blinds like aluminium venetian blinds, wooden venetian blinds, bamboo venetian blinds and plaswood venetian blinds. Our Aluminium Venetian is the perfect type of blind to use for both office and home windows. It will provide your room a sleek and clean look. We have found our 25mm aluminium venetian blinds and 50mm aluminium venetian blinds to be our most popular installs. The quality of our aluminium Venetian blinds are further enhanced by the increased thickness from the .18mm industry standard to .21mm of our aluminium Venetian blinds.

Wooden Venetian Blinds will give any room at home and office that classy, natural and timeless look. Our wooden Venetian blinds are made of basswood, which means it is durable and made to last. The glossy finish means that it can withstand cleaning chemicals too. With different tones and colours it is possible to install wooden Venetian blinds that will match any room whether it be the classic or the modern look. Generally the darker colors compliment the traditional décor better, whilst lighter colors work better with modern contemporary furniture and wooden floors. We install 50mm wooden Venetian blinds in 6 different tones which include : natural, golden oak, maple, cherry, charcoal and mahogany.

Plaswood Venetian Blinds have become very popular too. Plaswood Venetian Blinds are wood-lookalike blinds that are produced from very durable synthetic materials. It is resistant to high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. As they look identical to wooden blinds it actually gives you the best of both worlds. That great wooden look without the possibility of the blinds splitting, cracking or warping. You can also install plaswood blinds in area of moisture like kitchens and bathrooms and places of extreme heat like sunrooms. 50mm Plaswood Venetian blinds are installed in a wide range of textures and colours.

Bamboo Venetian Blinds are always classic and timeless. Our 50mm Bamboo Venetian Blinds includes four natural wood tones that include white, teak, rosewood and chestnut. As with the wooden venetian blinds we cater for both lighter and darker shades of colors which makes it possible for our customers to install bamboo venetians that complement their traditional classic furniture or their more modern décor and furniture.

Wooden BlindsWooden blinds are available in horizontal and vertical versions. Here at Active blinds we deal with horizontal slats on our wooden blinds. Our wooden venetian blinds consist of 50mm slats. The wooden slats are manufactured from basswood. American basswood is a very popular type of wood when it comes to the manufacturing of wooden blinds. The reason for this is that basswood is hard wood so it is very durable, but it is also lightweight so that the blind does not end up weighing a ton and it absorbs wood stain evenly. Unlike aluminium venetian blinds, the wooden blinds have no holes in them and have notches to hold them together. The notches don’t let light through them which makes these blinds even more private. Wooden blinds use a wand or tilt to control the movable slats.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

The advantages of wooden Venetian blinds includes the following:

  • Real wood is easy to stain and paint and therefore a wide range of finishes can be produced. Read more on wooden blinds and the wide range of finishes that can be achieved on our wooden blinds page.
  • Wood blinds provide the highest degree of warmth to a room and cannot be outdone by the highest quality plastic blinds.
  • Wooden blinds increase privacy. Due to its thickness it cannot be seen through from the outside when closed.
  • Wooden blinds are a window treatment with a natural grain beauty. It can easily blend in with modern, contemporary, Victorian, Edwardian or country style.
  • Wooden blinds can be cleaned easily by dusting them from top to bottom, then close them and dust them again. When you clean the wooden blinds, use a Swiffer duster or dust cloth rather than a feather duster. You can also use a vacuum cleaner and its brush attachment.
  • It is not necessary to replace your wooden blinds if you redecorate. You can just re-stain or paint it.
  • Wooden blinds are not a cheap option, but with the right care it can be an investment that will last for years and add value to your home.

At Active Blinds our Wooden Blinds will:

  • Provide a natural and classic feel to your home. Our 50mm basswood blinds will let your room look more spacious and improve the look of your window.
  • Be rigid and made from superior quality basswood .The slats are made from 100% wooden material. The glossy finish makes it possible to withstand cleaning chemicals.
  • Be available in 6 natural tones namely natural, golden oak, maple, cherry, charcoal and mahogany. We will help you choose the right colours to match your floors, furniture, cupboards or any other décor that you have in the room.
Two white plaswood blinds compliment the rooms color
These two white plaswood blinds compliment the rooms striking color scheme perfectly

Plaswood or Eco-Wood Venetian blinds have become very popular in South Africa. These types of blinds are made especially for South Africa’s extreme weather conditions. At Active Blinds, we install only 50mm plaswood venetian blinds. The plaswood blinds are made from hybrid composite material which combines both wood and plastic. The great advantage of plaswood is that it looks just like wood, but it doesn’t have all the weaknesses. Home as well as business owners love the warmth, versatility and luxurious look of wooden blinds. Wooden blinds has one or two weaknesses that makes it not suitable for installation in certain areas of the house and office. It doesn’t react well to direct sunlight and it is not advisable to install it in very moist areas. Wooden Blinds are also very expensive.

Plaswood Blinds are constantly evolving. It is becoming more and more natural and it is getting cheaper all the while.

Plaswood are made to match the extreme weather conditions in South Africa. There are places in South Africa that can get real hot and where wooden blinds won’t last if it is exposed to direct sunlight all day. Plaswood looks just like wood and will still provide you that classy wooden look, but it can withstand direct sunlight much better. A perfect fit for sunrooms and where the blinds are being battered by direct sunlight. Furthermore, we can also install Eco-Wood blinds in high moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms without any worries. They won’t be affected by high humidity and they are fully washable.

Some other advantages and characteristics of plaswood Venetian blinds include that they are fire resistant, easy to clean, anti-static build up, wood grain texture and that it has a strong resistance to direct sunlight and moisture.

Our 50mm venetian Eco-Wood blinds are available in many colours that makes it easy for us to find the perfect blind for your window. It is possible for us to match your colour schemes and to make your blind a handsome addition to your office or home. We can also provide you with 50mm plaswood blinds that would be a perfect fit for any window in your house.

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This is a showcase of work that Active Blinds Bloemfontein have done in the past. It is but a drop in the ocean of the good work that we have done. The internet and social media have become very prominent these days, but 5 years ago we were only interested in keeping customers satisfied and less on taking photos to let other people share our successes on social media. So only in the past 2 years a real effort were made to take photos of our quality installations.

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Paula Van Huysteen
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Friendly and extremely helpful. Would recommend to anyone seeking help. We are very impressed � thank you for your amazing service Fredd.
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Best prices and service in the country, highly recommended.
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Return client; Best service! Highly recommended!
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Great company . Very well priced and friendly and professional.
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Great product. Excellent service. Even came out in freezing cold and in a sick condition to finish the work with a smile and great quality to boot. Would definitely recommend.


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